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Implementing Gartner's Bimodal mode 1 and mode 2 using IKAN ALM

Bimodal is the practice of managing two separate but coherent styles of work: one focused on predictability; the other on exploration. It enables an organization to differentiate the continual improvement from the disruptive innovation.

  • Implementing Gartner's Bimodal using IKAN ALM - English

What is Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

There are many reasons why we should use Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) when developing software. Not only does ALM manage the entire application lifecycle from requirements to production, it gets all stakeholders involved and it connects our process, tools and environments.

IKAN ALM Architecture

An introduction to the IKAN ALM architecture, including the Phase Catalog. This feature is a valuable ally in managing, customizing and outlining complex build and deploy processes. If you would like to start developing your own custom phases, please consult the "Using and Developing Custom Phases" document.

Using IKAN ALM for DevOps

DevOps focusses on the interdependence of users, software development and IT operations. It stresses the importance of communication, collaboration and integration between all relevant stakeholders be it the business, software developers or people responsible for operations and production.

In this document, we'll explain how we can achieve this DevOps way of working by implementing an efficient Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solution.

HP ALM 11.0 / HP Quality Center

The IKAN ALM and HP ALM 11.0 partnership provides and end-to-end ALM solution. Managing the whole development process from requirements through deployment This collaboration with HP Quality Center will offer detailed source information for testing.


This whitepaper will explain how the SAP software lifecycle can be completed with Build, Test and Deploy processes.

Oracle Warehouse Builder (OWB)

Achieve full ALM 2.0 for Oracle Warehouse Builder development environments, with the use of IKAN ALM for OWB. Complete your OWB environment with versioning capabilities. The accompanying technical guide describes the installation, configuration, initialization and usage of the VCR4OWB adapter.


The integration between Collabnet TeamForge and IKAN ALM ensures that all relevant build and deploy information is available for all stakeholders in the application lifecycle process.

IKAN ALM, managing software developement

IKAN ALM complements existing version management tools by automating the complete software life-cycle management process, offering a single point of control and delivering support for your build, deploy, release and software life-cycle management and associated approval processes.

Global Software Change Management for PVCS Version Manager

PVCS Version Manager is considered as one of the leading versioning tools that offers complete versioning control. But when building, deploying and tracking the life-cycle of your software applications, you can lose sight of your code as PVCS Version Manager typically does not cover these areas.

Modern mainframe development and ALM

Cost-effective and easy to implement Enterprise-wide ALM for both mainframe and non-mainframe environments. Learn how to get all the advantages of modern software development on Mainframes.

Integrating IKAN ALM and Mainframe

A technical step by step approach of modern software development methodology on mainframes, accompanying the "Modern mainframe development and ALM" whitepaper.

CA Endevor

Implement full decentralized ALM 2.0 functionalities for your CA Endevor mainframe. Get control over all development environments from a single point of control.