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The open Enterprise CI/CD solution to get your desired development and deployment process automated and under control

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Kobee is the alternative to complex homegrown, incomplete or too specific solutions


Kobee is not your typical automation server or job runner that is dependent on 3d party plugins in order to work, instead it is a true CI/CD solution.


Kobee is easy to set up because it integrates with your existing environment (Security system, Operating system, Databases) and is highy customizable and scalable.


Kobee provides default connectivity for the major Issue Tracking Systems and Version Control Repositories. It also provides the mechanics for toolchain orchestration.

Platform and environment independent

Kobee runs onLinux, Unix or Windows and supports different development environments. You can manage different projects (dsitributed, mainrfame,...) with the same application.

Easy customization through an open architecture

Every company has its own approach when it comes to developing software. Depending on the environment different workflows and tools are needed. Kobee simplifies the customization of the CI/CD process by using small flexible building blocks, callled Phases.

Phases are essential parts that are used to adapt the CI/CD framework to any development environment and can be considered as pre-defined, parameter-driven, packaged, reusable script containers.

Phases are responsible for:

  • Executing the actions to automate the CI/CD process (or SDLC).
  • Defining the workflow of the CI/CD processes.

Phases are imported into Kobee and allow further customization by exposing their parameters in the Kobee GUI which are editable to change the Phase behaviour, more specifically the Build and Deploy script parameters inside the Phase.

Phases are insertable at different hierarchical levels which provides an extra level of customization by using the principle of cascading order for parameters.

By using the Phases concept instead of monolithic scripts, Kobee is much more dynamic than most CI/CD solutions. Another benefit is that changing the CI/CD process is straightforward and no longer the work of experts.

Easy customization through open architecture


Core Phases provide basic functionality such as: VCR code retrieval, Code tagging, Issue Tracking integration, Artifact Building and Deploying, Compressing builds results, etc...


Solution Phases are certified pre-made Solution phases to support specific environments. Supported environments are:

  • IBM z/OS mainframe
  • Oracle ODI

Custom Phases can be used for any other action (database updates, 3d party tool integration... ). You can write your own Phases (using Ant, Nant, Maven or Gradle).

Further reading: Using and Developing Custom Phases

We support Jenkins through plugins

Our solution is also available to companies who already use the Jenkins automation server. We offer the same Kobee Build & Deploy functionality in the form of Jenkins plugins, however the Kobee solution offers more features, better usability and customization options.

There are a lot of differences. While Jenkins is basically an automation engine which can be used for CI/CD by installing extensions and using scripting for customization, Kobee is a dedicated CI/CD solution that delivers everything out of the box and doesn’t require scripting knowledge to set everything up.

In the long run moving from Jenkins to Kobee will save you time and money, thanks to its CI/CD by design nature and lower maintenance costs.

The list below contains the most important differences between Jenkins and Kobee.

Core differences
Enforces industry standards No guidance
End user friendly Requires CI/CD knowledge
Well documented Depends on used plugins
Easy to customize Requires programming skills
Default VCR integrations (incl. Code tagging) Requires plugins
Default ITS (Issue Tracking System) integrations Requires plugins
Unique workspace per build / Automatic cleanup Single workspace for all builds / Manual cleanup
Approval management. / User Notifications Requires plugins
Build archiving / Build History Requires plugins / Only if Pipeline doesn’t change
Package and Release based projects Release based only
Project dependencies Requires plugins
Integrates with operational security system Requires plugins
Reusable, parameter-driven Build and Deploy Phases Scripts per pipeline, not reusable without modification
IBM z/OS specific differences
Audit Not available
Impact Analysis Not available

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